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In ancient time, those of colonizers, pirates and whalers, where the sea mail had no institution, an informal mail system originated on the remote Floreana island, without seal or stamp that would connect the archipelago of that time with the rest of the world.

Correspondence was left in this bay where passing sailors picked it up and took it to its destination. This is how POST OFFICE of the Galapagos Islands was born.

Today we revive the tradition from San Cristóbal Island and connect you to an environment created to enjoy Galapagos with a spectacular view from the Sea Lion’s bay, the best beer and delicious food. Rest here, eat well and enjoy, while you write your letter addressed to those special people in a very special place.

Welcome to POST OFFICE.

Golden Prague Beer

The Secret to the Success of Our Golden Prague Beer

Thanks to the close supervision of our senior brewmaster, Tomáš Fencl, the use of only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, and by following a time-honored, proven traditional beer brewing process, our Golden Prague beer has met with great success and popularity among all of our customers throughout our many locations.”

Life is too short to drink bad beer

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Av. Charles Darwin sobre el Malecón de Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, cantón San Cristóbal